Brad Paisley: On a Mission for West Virginia

West Virginia is the state that built Brad Paisley.

He was born and raised in Glen Dale and had his first shot at the big time when he was asked to play the WWVA Jamboree on the state’s first radio station in Wheeling.

So it’s no surprise that the recent devastating floods there are on his mind. Officials are reporting that the flooding has left 23 dead and thousands homeless, as more than 500 homes have been severely damaged or destroyed.

His series of ongoing tweets prove that Paisley is going to do what he can to raise awareness for the victims, and help in any way he can.

On Friday (June 24), he wrote, “I am heartbroken for West Virginia, seeing all the flooding and devastation. Please be safe.”

On Saturday, he reminded people not to forget about the damage done in West Virginia.

“Hey media, in all the hoopla about this EU/Britain stuff, don’t forget about West Virginia. Show people what’s happening there.”

On Monday, Paisley tweeted that he’d be sharing ways that people around the country could help the victims who’d lost so much.

“As the waters recede, now there is so much work to be done. We are working on the best ways to help West Virginia. Stay tuned.”

Then on Tuesday, he shared a photo of him in a West Virginia Army ROTC ball cap, with the hashtag #wvrising.

Paisley announced on Wednesday that he is donating $100,000 to help, and encouraged fans to give what they could.

“Now that the waters are receding, it’s time to pitch in and help in any way we can,” he said. “One of the best ways I have found that hopefully will raise the largest amount of money the quickest and get it to the people in need the fastest is through GoFundMe. I have set a goal of $1 million — this is doable and only a small portion of what is needed. Join me as we help West Virginians together.”

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